“Bouquet De Paradis”: 20 New Black & White Works by Yoel Benharrouche

Renowned for his use of vibrant colors, Yoel Benharrouche has made the bold choice to release a series of 20 new works based on black and white drawings.

Inspired by Kaballah and mystical Jewish tradition, Benharrouche’s work offers great insight into the kabbalistic connection between feminine and creative energies.

This series is a beautiful look at how the female spirit colors our world;
his admiration for the feminine spirit and form create works that clearly convey positivity, warmth, and great inspiration.

Exploring physical intimacy and its bearing on the spiritual, Benharrouche has brought to life with this series a touching display of sensitivity and humanity.

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All works are lacquer prints in sizes 24×30 cm, 80×100 cm,and 100×120 cm.

Pieces are available for purchase to be shipped worldwide.

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