Deborah Azzopardi

Deborah Azzopardi was born in 1958 in Golders Green, London. Early in her career, Deborah Azzopardi was a licensee to The Walt Disney Company. She started painting in her 20's, after having her first child.
Following a short illness she devoted her life to her family and art. “I have always enjoyed art but didn't have the opportunity to study when I was younger. Life was about survival."

Deborah Azzopardi works in the style of Pop Art, a 1960s art movement, utilizing flat cartoon-like imagery and bright color in a manner stylistically similar to American artists Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Deborah Azzopardi’s distinctive features are her use of basic, bold colors, resulting in large-scale compositions that critics have called lively, provoking and humorous.

In March 2014, the artist had her first solo UK exhibition of originals and limited editions on Cork Street, London and launched a book, published by Iologies Fine Art Publications. Azzopardi's debut book ‘Sshh…’ showcases her work over the previous 10 years and features more than 100 images and a foreword by art critic, Estelle Lovatt FRSA (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts).

“Unique in approach, you easily recognize an Azzopardi picture. America has Lichtenstein we have Azzopardi. Working simple graphics and toned shading (for depth), the Pop Art line that Azzopardi sketches is different to Lichtenstein’s. Hers is more curvaceous. Feminine. Whereas his lines are male, brash and clunky. And her humor is distinctively British.” extract from the foreword to Deborah Azzopardi’s Book ‘Sshh…’ by Estelle Lovatt FRSA

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